We completed the implementation of The Mayor of London’s Culture Seed funded; Project Fashion Design and Dressmaking at The CURVE in 2019. Delivered free to access creative activities of fashion design and dressmaking that enhanced participant’s quality of life and breakdown cultural, religious and age-related barriers. The project helped new skills training, tackled trauma, increased feelings of isolation and loneliness faced by both young & old within the community of Grenfell.

We at WEPT are really pleased to have secured Culture Seed funding that enabled us to achieved our primary objective by successfully delivering a Community-led fashion project that played a vital role in the cultural make-up of North Kensington especially the Grenfell community by recognising, celebrating and showcasing local culture and heritage, making the most of diversity and talent and encouraged people from a range of backgrounds to participate, especially those who face barriers to engaging in the arts. 

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