COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 is, fundamentally, a human tragedy. These are unprecedented times, and unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions. In addition to real impact on human lives, we’re grappling with an uncertain future and feel it’s vital for us to focus on skills as the fashion sector is not immune.

At WEPT, our mission is to continue to provide fashion skills training to our beneficiaries in the community — and fulfilling this mission is more important now than ever before.

Our advice, therefore, for those interested in Fashion and Clothing, in order to prepare and be able to adapt in the new opportunities that will evolve in the Fashion Industry post Covid-19 and Brexit, it is of critical significance to have right skills for the craft.

As we work remotely from home, we are at the final stages of developing response on how we can best service our participants/learners over the period these measures are in place and beyond; through online – virtual classroom. So, we’re asking our participants/learners to please understand if we are unable communicate at this time. 

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