At WEPT this Sunday June 14, the UK we will unite, reflect and remember in grief for the third anniversary of the Grenfell tragedy. Especially these unprecedented times to mark the date, as communities affected by the fire are unable to get together and mourn the 72 people who lost their lives. 

As a community interest group WEPT, we are very delighted to continue to support and work with the women from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds that were affected by the Grenfell tragedy in delivering technical and creative aspect of fashion design and garment construction, health and well-being projects in the community. 

In working with these group of women at the Curve community centre, we were very privileged and quickly became aware of the challenge and critical that we develop a deeper understanding and empathy, which enabled us to take special care due to the psychological and emotional trauma some of these women have experienced and their desire for industry skills, health and well-being

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