The Key Programme

WEPT Project is a unique training & enterprise project providing women from diverse cultural backgrounds with a safe and welcoming place in which to make new friends, learn new skills and engage in fashion enterprise activities to suit their particular needs and family commitments.

Garment Production/Sewing – Working & Training

Wept “Working &Training” is the key programme of the project where disadvantaged women, enjoy sharing the pleasure of making and learning together and earning at the same time. This programme will not only provide a “sewing” class but also provide women with an opportunity to learn/enhance a skill that can lead to an income. The women who attend the sewing course will also be given our business training so they can integrate their practical sewing skills with business knowledge to successfully start their own micro-business. We also seek to partner with other organisations for various support to enable the women trained by us can produce products, which will not only be sold in retail shop across London but also required by these businesses in an innovative and effective fashion. This new knowledge and income stream empowers women to become self-sufficient providers in a community where there has historically been little opportunity for professional advancement and make the project self-sufficient.