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About Us


WEPT CIC (Women Empowerment Project & Training) established 2015 as social enterprise, creating and administering projects that aims to promote empowerment, training in fashion and textiles, apprenticeship and sustainability in the community.

A dedicated focus on workforce development package and capacity building by providing industry specific learning and development of skills within the fashion and textiles industry. Using NCFE accredited quality qualifications and apprenticeships ranging from level 1, 2, 3 based in West London

We also work with leading practitioners to provide a programme of activities, events and access to information that will help and encourage people to consider improvements in their lives, through skills and personal development and well-being that will lead to self – sustainability.

Garment Production/Sewing – Working & Training


Wept “Working &Training” is the key programme of the project where disadvantaged women, enjoy sharing the pleasure of making and learning together and earning at the same time. This programme will not only provide a “sewing” class but also provide women with an opportunity to learn/enhance a skill that can lead to an income.

The women who attend the sewing course will also be given our business training so they can integrate their practical sewing skills with business knowledge to successfully start their own micro-business. We also seek to partner with other organizations for various support to enable the women trained by us can produce products, which will not only be sold in retail shop across London but also required by these businesses in an innovative and effective fashion.

This new knowledge and income stream empowers women to become self-sufficient providers in a community where there has historically been little opportunity for professional advancement and make the project self-sufficient.

Mission Statement

“As a reliable partner for our students, we count on innovation, creativity and consistent customer focus as well as on top performance in all areas of creative art and craft and business skills training “

Vision Statement

To become one of the best in the fashion and textiles industry

Commitment Statement

Our teaching staff will develop each student on our courses to their fullest potential, in the classroom and outside. It is our commitment to develop our students into creative practitioners to become productive members of society and helping them to understand that true success lies in developing and untilising their abilities to the fullest and applying those skills to serve humanity.

Purpose Statement

To put people at the centre of fashion skills training throughout the world to realize their full potential.”

Core Values

We are not only responsible, accountable, respectful, effective, efficient skills Providers but also promote honesty, integrity, and openness in all we do.

Student Academic Mission

You must make the decision to pursue excellence in your academic expedition and experience. Your future will be bright if you decide to work diligently to succeed in your pursuit of post training

Our Promise
We assure well-rounded learning experiences, which prepare our students for success in the academy and career. To engage, inspire, and challenge all of our students to become productive citizens, ethical practitioners, and positive contributors to the community, country and the global society.
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